Reduce Errors And Streamline Feeding Accuracy

Batchinator combines the best of Micro’s batching and ingredient systems with the best of Feedwatch’s Feed Management and Delivery expertise. The system accurately measures the micro-ingredients specifically developed for the given ration and dispenses them at the optimal time. The batching software can also automate the ingredient loading process and dispense any liquids quickly and accurately to reduce human error and time. The system will ensure proper mix time, creating a uniform ration every time. Once the delivery truck pulls up the Pro-Control Batching software loads it automatically and hand the ration back over to the FeedComp software to ensure it gets delivered to the correct group of animals, every time. 

  • Increase feeding accuracy
  • Decrease feeding time
  • Decrease labor
  • Reduce shrink
  • Lower feed cost
  • More consistent mix quality

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