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What is WeighFlex?

The WeighFlex DF is an in-line dry material feeding and measurement device. Its innovative design measures the force of material flow against a curved deflection chute. The WeighFlex DF can be used for many types of products including animal feed, oilseeds, pulses and cereal grains.

Key features


  • Typical accuracy is +-2% or better through full scale
  • Adjusts flow rate to desired output for accurate liquid application
  • True “in-line” measurement


  • Remote control panel can be mounted up to 500 feet from the body depending on requirements
  • Compact size allows for easy integration into plant process
  • Models available for applications from 4–120 metric tonnes per hour
  • Feeder and monitor versions: The feeder controls and measures with automated gate control and the monitor measures the dry material flow across the chute


  • Complete standalone operation via provided PLC control panel
  • Remote support functions
  • Communication with central PLC control systems


  • Easy calibration and configuration procedure
  • Touch screen for easy operation

Interested in a customized solution?