We innovate technologies that empower food producers to grow a safe, wholesome food supply more efficiently and profitably.

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Now more than ever, food producers need to spend more time managing animal health, nutrition, and cost-benefit in order to meet the challenge of feeding a growing, hungry world with fewer resources. We innovate the solutions to make it easier.

We are proud to say our technologies impact 2 out of 3 beef products and 1 out of 2 dairy products.

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As the world’s population grows, we are challenged to produce more, higher-quality protein than ever before with the use of less natural resources. We believe the path to securing a safe, affordable and wholesome food supply will come primarily as a result of innovation. That is why we are committed to developing technologies to empower food producers, both as business owners and stewards.
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Decades of unwavering commitment to repeated innovation

Since 1971, we continue to be the leading provider of advanced, comprehensive and integrated animal management systems and solutions. We have established an unparalleled track record of delivering meaningful technology solutions based upon a business philosophy centered around three key principles: innovation, value creation and service.
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We innovate the solutions that make it easier to operate on a daily basis. 

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