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Making a difference

Our impact on associates,
customers, animals,
our community,
and our industry



We are passionate about making a difference in the lives of our associates, customers, communities, animals, and the food we consume.



Our goal is to create an environment in which every associate knows the impact our company has on a customer. We want our teams to understand they contribute to the greater goal of helping create a safe, wholesome, affordable protein supply.
People delivering equipment


People delivering equipment
Each of our customers derives value from our technology in a different way. Because we are the innovator, it’s our job to work to understand the goals of each customer and work toward accomplishing them through the use of our systems.
People delivering equipment


We believe the health of animals and humans are intrinsically linked. We depend on the nutritional benefits we gain from production animals and rely on them to live the way we do today. That’s why we are invested in ensuring the optimal health of every animal we touch.


While we operate in 20 countries, we know progress starts at home. In our communities, our teams routinely volunteer their time with organizations making a local difference.

Family, friends, neighbors, and the world

The goal of the agriculture industry is to provide a safe, wholesome and affordable eating experience. Our goal is to support our customers in achieving that goal through innovative technology and partnership.


We are proud of the long-standing partnerships we have built within the industry. We work hand in hand with nutritionists, veterinarians and consultants to support the implementation of individualized programs customized for each customer, while also providing national distribution and support services for manufacturers. These valued partnerships allow us to collaborate and solve the issues food producers face today and better anticipate the challenges of tomorrow.

Nutritionists, veterinarians, and consultants

Responsible animal production 

Our technologies utilize health and nutrition products within VCPR and animal health compliance for the best care to the animal. They provide assurance that products are properly administered to target animals through precision delivery based on substantiated record keeping. Customers gain access to historical records of product usage with corresponding animal health and performance data to accurately determine the relative value of products under actual use conditions.

Regulatory compliance support

We act as your partner in regulatory compliance and offer unparalleled technical service and support for all our technologies.

Data-driven decision making

Our aligned goals of ensuring animal health, accuracy in nutrition, flexibility, accountability, access to real-time data and the ability to adjust to any customer's needs from virtually anywhere allows for the optimization of your time and efficiencies in your business.

Manufacturer partners

Ensuring optimal product results

We help match product levels more accurately to target animals based on days on feed, animal size and type, daily intake, animal health condition, nutritional content of the ration, performance level, genetics and other criteria, to achieve optimal performance.

Accurate delivery and verification

Our technology supports our customers in accurately delivering the products you manufacture to ensure responsible animal production while maintaining product identity all the way to the bunk.

End user training, service, and support 

We strive to ensure a safe food supply and our customers’ long term success. We are committed to providing exceptional end user training, service and on-going support of the use of products, processes and technologies.

Interested in working together to make a positive impact?