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SCR Heatime®

What is SCR Heatime®?

Combining activity and rumination monitoring, the Heatime system provides real-time, actionable insights about individual cows, groups, and the whole herd, without having to disturb them. The system alerts farmers to which cows need to be checked on, based on heat and health reports. Cows that do not show up on those reports are left alone to eat and rest. The less they are disrupted from their routines, the more comfortable they will be, allowing them to produce more profitable milk. 

Monitors and identifies all aspects of your herd through the use of ear tags or collars

  • Heat detection
  • Health
  • Rumination
  • Heat stress
Heatime laptop
Heatime mobile view

Healthy Cow 24 App

Heatime mobile view
The SCR® cloud-based service supports Heatime users with mobile and web applications. It enables seamless connectivity with third-party systems and provides data backup capabilities.
Heatime mobile view

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