Stocker1™ is an internet-based system that is accessible to stocker and backgrounding operations from any location with internet service. One look and you will know it was designed in the field for close interaction between stocker and backgrounder operators.

Stocker1™ allows you to easily record the unique activities that occur on stocker and backgrounding operations.

Such activities include numerous moves, merging groups together and splitting groups up, with the system rolling the costs forward so a current break-even is known.

The goal of Stocker1™ is to allow the operator to simply enter information on their cattle and then see all cumulative costs and the current break-even on a set of cattle at any time, allowing for better marketing decisions.

With Stocker1™, cattle inventories can be viewed on a group or location basis. From the list of groups or locations, the details for each can be drilled down into quickly, viewing placement or shipment information, current weights and current break-evens. Reporting is also available, from summary to detailed reports.

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Feeding, processing and treatment events are captured with Stocker1 as well. You can call feed (optional) and record the feed fed to any pen or pasture location where feeding takes place. Processing and treatment details are entered through the Health section of Stocker1. Protocols can be set up for each processing or treatment program to list details for the given event, applying the products and services, and capturing the costs and prices charged out for the items.


Other expenses, some of which are often overlooked, can be set up to record automatically for you through the allocation system. Yardage, pasture, mileage, and other expenses can be set up for each location or even by individual group. The system will automatically apply these costs any time cattle are in a location, saving time entering data each day. One-time expenses, such as dropping in a bale of hay, or delivering salt or mineral, can also be recorded. The goal of the system is to capture all costs.

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