Pro-Control® Parlor

What is ProControl® Parlor?

Pro-Control® Parlor is a revolutionary system offering milk quality solutions that ensures consistency of quality CIP and milking equipment processes through complete automation.

What it monitors

  • Milking equipment process vacuums
  • Temperature
  • Water Levels
  • Filter Pressure
  • Conductivity

ProControl Parlor mobile view

24/7 real-time monitoring & alerts

ProControl Parlor mobile view
Remote control access to real-time reporting that monitors CIP and milking processes, delivering you accurate data which allows you to manage your operation from anywhere. When alarm thresholds are met, an alert is sent so that you are able to make adjustments in real-time. Our technical service team also receives alert notifications, allowing them to respond and ensuring that your business is running optimally and efficiently at all times.
ProControl Parlor mobile view

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