Pro-Control® Mixer

What is the Pro-Control® Mixer?

The Pro-Control® Mixer is a weight-based blending system that allows flexible and accurate on-site blending and delivery of udder hygiene solutions. Remote access to real-time data and automatically generated reports offers critical information that can provide improved operational efficiencies, more control and increased profitability.

  • Allows for the flexibility to utilize endless product mixing capabilities, and can utilize multiple concentrates
  • Ensures accurate blending and delivery, which helps you maintain compliance
  • Ensures correct formulation and usage of udder hygiene products
  • On-site mixing capabilities reduce the cost of transportation, storage and product waste due to the degree of mixing accuracy

24/7 Real-time monitoring & alerts

Access to real-time data from your mobile device allows you the flexibility to remotely adjust dip types and formulations based on current conditions, from anywhere. When alarm thresholds are met, an alert is sent to you so that you are able to make adjustments in real-time. Our technical service team also receives notifications of the alert, allowing them to respond and ensure that your business is running optimally and efficiently at all times.

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