Pro-Control Plus® Feed Batching System

For dairy

What is the Pro-Control Plus®Feed Batching System?

The Pro-Control Plus® Batching System is a computerized system that improves the accuracy and speed of diet composition. Each system is custom configured to best fit your feed manufacturing process. Ensure optimal operational efficiencies by monitoring and controlling by remote access via any mobile device.

Features and Benefits

Accuracy. Efficiency. Peace of mind.

Manages individual macro ingredients in the production of rations

You never have to worry that your rations are correct, our system ensures consistency in every batch of feed.

Flexibility to customize diets to the nutritionist’s specifications

Our system allows you to change and customize rations at a moment’s notice. You are no longer tied down by feeding the ration you have on hand.

Improves the accuracy and speed of ration composition

What would you do if you spent less time feeding each day? What if you could reduce the run time on your equipment and feed trucks? Our system can make your feeding process more efficient with the added peace of mind of improved accuracy.

Liquids, micro ingredients and dry ingredients auto-dispense from overhead bins into mixers

Automation increases the speed of this process while at the same time guaranteeing accuracy.

Easily identifies variances and how to minimize them

You can’t watch every step of your feeding process all day every day, let our system take that weight off your shoulders.

Simple user interface, intuitive and multi-lingual

We ensure that our system is easy to use, for everyone on your staff.

Interested in a customized solution?

See for yourself how our technology can help you improve every aspect of your daily operations.