Our history


Company founded

Micro Technologies was founded in 1971 as Micro Chemical by Bill Pratt. Bill recognized a need for revolutionary technology within the feedlot industry — a spark that has fueled nearly 50 years of continued innovation. Today, Micro serves the majority of the feedyard industry and has expanded into the dairy industry.
Bill Pratt


First micro meter machine developed and deployed

The spark that fueled the start of Micro was the Micro Metering System, a revolutionary electro-mechanical device that, for the first time, gave cattle feeders the flexibility to accurately modify micronutrient levels on a daily basis.


Creation of the Pro-Control Batching System

The implementation of Micro Weigh Systems elicited numerous customer requests for Micro to computerize the feedlot’s entire feed manufacturing process, which led to the creation of the Pro-Control Batching System.


First “16” series Micro Weigh System released

Two years after its inception, the “15” series Micro Weigh System was upgraded to provide more information and options. This first “16” series Micro Weigh System used a more durable and sophisticated computer and remains one of Micro’s most durable machines. Many systems have been in the field for over 25 years and continue to fully operate.


Creation of the Drug-Trac Chuteside Animal Health System

As drug inventory control was introduced to the feedlot industry, Micro envisioned and created Drug-Trac, a comprehensive office/chute-side system to track individual and group treatments and protocols, while also ensuring compliance with drug withdrawal periods at harvest.


Creation of Meta-Bac Live Microbial System 

To address monetary losses resulting from the difficulty to sustain hydrated microbials, Meta-Bac was created to hydrate and refrigerate dry microbials until ration implementation. Prior to the Meta-Bac system, it was nearly impossible to utilize these products.


Micro Weigh System expands functionality with introduction of a PC-based version

Twenty two years after the introduction of the "16" Micro Weigh System, Micro introduced the PC version of its extremely successful predecessor. The upgrade allowed the system to be fully integrated into the Pro-Control Plus® Batching System as well as allowing for online access, enhanced reporting and data exports.


Pro-Control Plus Batching System releases second generation

Increased prevalence of Micro’s batching technology led to the development of an upgraded second-generation system with greatly expanded capabilities that could be easily customized to precisely address a customer’s changing needs.


Beef Information Exchange: National Animal Identification System (NAIS)

Impending changes in economic and regulatory requirements faced all segments of the U.S. beef industry, and new technologies to address these changes were necessary. As data service providers to the beef industry, Micro, along with a coalition of leading agricultural data service companies, announced plans to create the beef industry’s first data exchange standards.


CattleLog, an individual animal management and verification program from Emerge, is acquired


Micro becomes U.S. distributor for SCR HeatTime Collars

SCR, a leading animal monitoring company from Israel, identified the need for a United States partner that shared the same vision of the future potential of dairy cows wearing devices that monitored their movement and eating patterns. Micro recognized the relevance that this type of technology would have to its customers and moved forward with a distribution partnership.


Pro-Control Parlor debutes

With the ever-growing cost of business and tougher regulations being enforced on dairies, it was evident that a solution was needed to help dairy farmers lower their overhead costs and standardize the Cleaning in Place (CIP) process. This resulted in the development of a fully automated wash system called Pro-Control Parlor.


Read-N-Feed Dairy launches

Micro recognized that its Read-N-Feed technology was applicable to dairies and began introducing the solution to dairy customers.


National Animal Identification System gains USDA approval


Micro Beef Technologies acquired by MWI Veterinary Supply

The synergies of the two animal health companies presented exciting potential for food animal production by combining the technology-based programs and services from Micro with the well-established animal health distribution business of MWI Veterinary Supply (now MWI Animal Health).


Micro acquires distribution rights to the Whisper Veterinary Stethoscope

Micro partnered with Geissler Corporation to market, install and service the Whisper Digital Stethoscope. Whisper was the first objective tool developed to score severity of Bovine Respiratory Disease (BRD) in cattle. In 2016, Merck Animal Health purchased Whisper from Geissler Corporation, retaining Micro as a marketing, installation and service partner for the technology. 


Relocation of office and warehouses to Amarillo Business Park

In November of 2014, Micro moved its corporate office and various warehouse locations to the AEDC business park in Amarillo, TX to combine its business operations into one convenient location. The new Amarillo location of its pharmacy becomes the southwest distributor for production animal packaged goods.


Launch of Accu-Trac Office

The Accu-Trac Office and Feed Inventory System has been integrated with Read-N-Feed and Drug-Trac for a complete, single-inventory feedyard management system. The full Accu-Trac suite provides the user with the first ever fully integrated feedyard management system.