Cubex + VAS Platform

Animal health inventory on an individual animal basis

Micro and Valley Ag Software have teamed up to provide you the first system that tracks your animal health inventory from its arrival on your operation up until it is administered to an animal.

Veterinarian using a tablet at a dairy
Medicine bottles on a shelf

Automates your animal health product reordering

No more overstocking or running out of product. You set your ideal product levels and we ensure those your products are there when you need them.

Increases security and simplicity

Our system allows you to choose who accesses your animal health inventory and it’s easy to see who is checking out what products.

Tracks inventory usage down to an individual animal

Individual animal treatments will be able to track to the bottle and the technician who administered the treatment, allowing for unrivaled traceability and protocol compliance

Computer monitor featuring a screenshot of the Cubex + VAS Platform

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