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The Micro-Weigh System

By Micro Technologies

Micro ingredient delivery system formulates rations for maximum performance with accuracy and accountability.
As the foundation of a complete feed management system, the Micro-Weigh® System provides to both the beef and dairy industries an unparalleled opportunity to realize an economic value while formulating rations for maximum performance. Historically, flexibility and accuracy in ration formulation by nutritional consultants was frequently limited by both physical space and the type of equipment available in a feed mill for storing multiple protein supplements. This space and equipment restriction often led to compromises in the nutritional value of the ration which, ultimately, resulted in less-than-optimum animal performance and a lower economic return to the producer.
Now in its fifth decade, the Micro-Weigh® System offers producers the only automated Micro ingredient delivery system of its kind. By accurately weighing, recording, mixing and delivering individual batches of micro ingredients to a specific ration, the nutritional consultant now has the opportunity to fine tune each and every micro ingredient in each ration without affecting the makeup of the protein supplement. This flexibility not only allows for enhancing the micro ingredient levels in each ration for greater economic return, but it also provides the option of feeding a variety of micro ingredients to focus on other opportunities such as natural feeding programs in feedyards and heifer growing programs in dairies.
By utilizing the technologies provided by Micro Technologies, feedyards and dairies administer micro feed ingredients at precise dosage rates with accuracy and responsibility by recording and retaining the daily use of all micro feed ingredients for every batch of feed produced. The use of this technology provides assurance and accountability throughout the complete production process that micro feed ingredients are being administered to the animals by the most accurate means available.
Micro Technologies works closely with professional veterinary and nutritional consultants who are equally committed to producing a high-quality and safe food source. Micro assists these professionals in consistently implementing and validating the delivery of the micro ingredient products which they have determined are essential for the safety and well-being of the cattle for which their services have been retained.
Customers and consultants alike have grown to depend upon the time-tested service commitment Micro has to their business interest. It has been said by customers that Micro is like an “employee”—a valued asset to their business—because of the willingness Micro exhibits in always going the extra mile to provide peace of mind in their facilities. In a typical day where there are hundreds of things to do and decisions to make, customers find comfort in knowing that all of the technologies provided by Micro are dependable and they can focus their attention to other areas of their business.
For more information on the Micro-Weigh® System, contact Duane Lomax at Micro Technologies is a sister company of MWI Animal Health.